Meet our crew

Established in 2010, Milla Makeup is a crew of fabulous, professional, and experienced makeup artists, who are super lovely, too! And with around 400 weddings under our (makeup) belt, some may say we kinda know what we’re doing.

The crew not only has a pretty great corporate client base, but we’re also regularly published in a variety of forums both internationally and nationally including the bridal blog ‘big 3’ Green Wedding Shoes; 100 Layer Cake and Hello May.

Light-weight, long-wearing and beautiful makeup is Milla’s signature; and vintage and fashion-inspired our speciality. We’ve also been known to assemble last-minute craft items; do fancy-footwork in the family relations department; be photographer’s assistants (i.e. hold up veils, shoes, dresses, children) and be chief weather interpreters.

If you think we’re the makeup crew for you, drop us a line at let’s chat love and lipstick.


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